Chatburn C of E Primary School was delighted to be part of the restoration journey of Downham Banner and the children were excited to follow the restoration of the banner back to its former glory.

Over the past 4 years, around 180 different children in Chatburn school have had the opportunity to visit the banner; either during its restoration or at its new home in Clitheroe Castle. At Manchester People's Museum we saw the laboratory where the banner had been restored and the techniques used. We took part in a historical drama about the Peterloo Massacre. We had a great time and learned historical facts and about popular peoples protest.  
It has proved an excellent starting point for our local history topic and its story always fascinates the children. The school now displays a replica of the original banner in our hall, which means it is seen by a wider audience. Parents and grandparents who are invited into school by the children to see presentations about the banner and share their work. 

The banner has also been an inspiration for Worship, referring to the story of the Good Samaritan. It means a lot to us being a church school. We are delighted that future generations will now be able to sample a slice of local Ribble Valley History which has been preserved for years to come.

Downham Banner

Banner send off

Children from Class 4 helped give the banner a warm send off as it was removed from the loft at St. Leonard’s Church and began its journey to Manchester to begin restoration. We enjoyed visiting the Peoples Museum in Manchester to watch the restoration in progress.

Visit to Manchester People's Museum Conservation department

Manchester People's Museum

Visit to Manchester People's Museum Conservation department and to take part in an interactive production about the Peterloo Massacre.

 Mini banners drawn by Chatburn school children

Mini banners

Mini banners were drawn by the children in the spirit and design of the Downham Banner with the theme “Go thou and do likewise”. They have been on display in the Church and judged by artist Caroline Assheton with prizes awarded.

Banner Hub

Community Hub

Chatburn School will be one of the three community hubs which will have permanent displays about the Banner.

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